Karla Charest

karla CHAREST, your next Ward 8 Councillor.


Transforming YYC to prosperity.

The City needs to overhaul how it defines and delivers essential services without automatic tax increases and its spending mentality.

Most importantly, The Calgary City Council needs to overhaul how they conduct Council business and their cavalier attitude towards Calgarians.

Karla Charest is committed to act on behalf of all Ward 8 residents and businesses. Karla understands that voters demand and deserve better treatment by those that they elect into public office and she will ensure that her voters’ voices are heard, even after their elected councilor takes her place on city council.


It's time to change; it's time to transform.

Traditional thinking and practice for municipal leadership and management is no longer sufficient for the challenges Calgary faces today and into the future. 

We desperately need to re-imagine the City of Calgary in this brave and exciting new world.  A world where Public Service is an honour; not a right.  A world where our end-goal is to help people be prosperous, independent and strong so they can eliminate dependency on City services.